Styling Summer Turtlenecks: Drawing Inspiration from Celebrities and Runways

Styling Summer Turtlenecks: Drawing Inspiration from Celebrities and Runways

Ever wondered if it’s possible to rock a turtleneck in the sizzling heat of summer without breaking a sweat? You’re not alone! Turtlenecks, often associated with chilly weather, are making a surprising appearance in summer wardrobes.

Key Takeaways

  • Turtlenecks, often associated with colder seasons, can be worn in summer with appropriate modifications in terms of fabrics, cuts, colors, and accessories.
  • Classic turtlenecks, usually made of heavy, warm fabrics, have seen a transformation with the introduction of lighter materials like cotton, silk, and linen suitable for warmer weather.
  • Summer turtlenecks are no longer an paradox, as evident from their emergence in high fashion trends and celebrities like Victoria Beckham making them a part of summer collections.
  • The key to wearing turtlenecks in summer lies in the choice of fabric. Opting for breathable, moisture-wicking materials like cotton, linen or silk offers comfort and a stylish edge.
  • Color and pattern choice can greatly enhance a summer turtleneck. Light hues such as pastels, as well as patterns like florals, stripes or abstract prints, can build a stylish and summery outfit.
  • Accessory selection plays an integral role in elevating the turtleneck look in summer. Items like slim necklaces, light bags, sandals, or wide-brimmed hats can add a subtle charm to the turtleneck style.
  • Care and maintenance of summer turtlenecks is crucial for longevity. Gentle washing methods, air drying, vacuum-packed storage and keeping away from light and moisture ensures the garments remain in good shape.

Understanding Turtlenecks in Fashion

The turtleneck, a time-honored wardrobe stable, achieves its distinction from the distinctive high collar that folds over, shielding the neck. High count, knit fabrics predominantly feature in its construction, providing an encapsulating warm embrace during the frigid times of year.

The Classic Turtleneck

In the maze of fashion, the classic turtleneck serves as a reliable constant. This ageless apparel piece merges practicality with style, hitting the right notes between form and function. Offering warmth and coverage, the classic turtleneck typically employs heavy, knit materials, exemplified by cashmere or heavy wool. You’ll often see them flaunting solid, neutral colors, offering a minimalist aesthetic that effortlessly synchronizes with numerous style themes.

Remember the chic, black turtleneck donned by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? That’s a sterling testament to the enduring appeal of the classic turtleneck.

Turtlenecks Through the Seasons

Breaking away from the conception of its cold-weather exclusivity, turtlenecks have started to straddle seasonal boundaries. With the advent of turtlenecks in lighter, breathable fabrics, including cotton and silk, this adaptable garment now ushers in a surprise splash into the summer fashion arena.

Designers incorporate airy materials into turtleneck designs, accommodating the heat during the summer months. You’ll find turtlenecks in deep neck cuts, sleeveless versions, and mesh renditions, setting the stage for a stylish, summer-optimized trend.

Take, for instance, the 2019 Spring/Summer collection of Victoria Beckham. The English businesswoman and fashion designer introduced a range of lightweight, colorful turtlenecks, propelling this cozy comfort apparel into the hot summer limelight.

Can You Wear Turtlenecks In Summer?

Can You Wear Turtlenecks In Summer?

Indeed, fashion continually evolves, and it’s typical for sartorial boundaries to be pushed. Even summer turtlenecks, which sound like an oxymoron, are a testament to this disruption. As designers like Victoria Beckham have demonstrated, turtlenecks can indeed make a stylish addition to a summer wardrobe, offering a chic surprise element to the season’s light, airy aesthetics.

The Debate Over Seasonal Appropriateness

The pressing question remains, can turtlenecks be worn in summer? Season dictates dressing in terms of fabrics and styles. However, the emergence of summer turtlenecks as a haute couture trend suggests a paradigm shift. It’s no longer about the calendar, but comfort and personal style.

Take, for instance, those brandishing turtlenecks at the Cannes Film Festival. Often, these celebrities opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or silk, a departure from the heavy knits of winter turtlenecks. These versions, designed with a summer appeal, embody style, practicality, and comfort, thus challenging the established dressing norms.

Styling Choices for Warmer Weather

Selecting a summer turtleneck involves a considered approach. Opt for lighter colors, reflective of the season’s vibrancy, to add youthful charm to your look. You might also embrace sleeveless designs, a favorite among fashion editors and stylists for their cooling effect.

Additionally, when it comes to accessorizing, a certain tact is needed. Using slimmer chains, for instance, rather than chunky necklaces makes for a delicate, summer-ready statement. Paired with high-waist trousers or a denim skirt, a summer turtleneck can become the centerpiece of a classy, chic ensemble.

Remember, modern fashion acclaims the fearless. As designers and celebrities demonstrate, it’s completely possible—maybe also stylish—to wear turtlenecks in summer. Your comfort, after all, is paramount, and a well-styled summer turtleneck, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t have to compromise that.

Choosing the Right Summer Turtleneck

Choosing the Right Summer Turtleneck

Embracing the summer turtleneck trend relies on choosing the right piece. These pointers, from fabric type to color choices, ensure your turtleneck gets plenty wear during the warmer months.

Fabrics That Breath

Three principal types of summer-friendly fabric meet the criteria for a cool, airy turtleneck. Firstly, cotton, known for its breathability and moisture absorption. Pieces made from this fabric ensure a sweat-free day under the sun. Secondly, linen, an eco-friendly choice, renowned for being light and allowing air to flow freely. Lastly, silk, a luxurious option that makes an excellent heat conductor, leaving you feeling cool while donning a turtleneck. These materials transform the winter staple into summer attire, just like Victoria Beckham did in her 2019 Spring/Summer collection.

Color and Pattern Considerations

Equally critical are your color and pattern selections. Light hues not only enhance the wearer’s mood but also reflect sunlight, keeping the body cool. Consider pastel colors, such as baby blue or soft pink, for a look that’s both summery and stylish. Patterns too play a part in creating a summer appeal. Opt for florals, stripes, or abstract prints to make a statement. Remember, your turtleneck doesn’t have to conform to autumn’s monochrome palette. Let it shine with summer brightness and stand out, just as your personal style should.

Styling Tips for Turtlenecks in Summer

Utilizing turtlenecks in summer style presents a unique set of challenges. However, it also opens the possibility to introduce new dimensions to your fashion palette. Focusing on two significant areas can drastically improve your results: Layering techniques and accessory selections.

Layering Techniques

Adopt layering techniques to revolutionize your turtleneck style.

Combine your thin-fabric turtleneck with sleeveless items, if a more casual look suits your preference. A slouchy turtleneck can elevate a simple pair of shorts or a light, flowing summer skirt.
Consider the option of wearing your turtleneck under a tank top or dress. Providing a pop of pattern or color, it can serve as a fun yet sophisticated twist.

Remember, it’s possible to experiment with layers, but only if the weather permits. Radiating confidence, not heat, is the aim of the game here!

Accessorizing Your Look

Choose accessories that add subtlety, not weight, to your look.

Sunglasses, for example, could be your best friend. A pair of oversized sunglasses can introduce an air of mystery and sophistication to your summer turtleneck outfit.

Jewelry also plays a part in complementing your look. A delicate necklace can enhance the neckline of the turtleneck. Here, less can indeed be more, as letting the turtleneck dominate can create an attractive, minimalist aesthetic.

Bags and shoes are just as crucial to consider. Opt for light, summery designs and materials. Woven bags, strappy shoes, or sandals paired with your turtleneck can connect your look to the summery vibe.

Lastly, keep in mind the role of hats. Select one with a wide brim, such as a straw-fedora or a floppy hat, to synergize the seasonal appeal of your turtleneck. Remember, it’s accessorizing smartly, not excessively, that forms the perfect summer-ready turtleneck style.

Turtlenecks in Summer Fashion Trends

Turtlenecks in Summer Fashion Trends

Armed with the basics on how to sport the turtleneck look in summer, it’s inspiring to look at how celebrities and influencers have styled theirs. Drawing inspiration from the runway too should give you an idea of how to incorporate this unusual trend into your summer wardrobe.

Celebrity and Influencer Turtleneck Styles

Scan pictures of celebrities and influencers, and you’ll find them sporting the turtleneck trend in summer. Emma Watson, ever the fashion-forward trendsetter, combined a lightweight turtleneck with high-waisted shorts. Gigi Hadid, supermodel, chose a sheer turtleneck to pair with a skirt for a photoshoot. David Beckham, renowned style icon, also sported a turtleneck on a casual day out, tying a pullover around his waist for a classic 90s feel. Let these images serve as a reminder that fashion knows no boundaries, and you’re only limited by your creativity.

Runway Inspirations

Designers have made ample use of turtlenecks in their summer collections, showcasing their versatility. Ralph Lauren, for instance, presented a line of vibrant, thin turtlenecks paired with breezy skirts, marking a sensational contrast between the structured top and the flowing bottom. Alexander Wang, on the other hand, pushed the boundaries with metallic turtlenecks worn under sleeveless dresses, exemplifying a balance of both structure and breathable design. Embrace these runway inspirations by incorporating elements of these designs into your summer attire. Remember, it’s not just about what you wear, but how you wear it that sets you apart.

Caring for Summer Turtlenecks

As trendy as turtlenecks are for summer fashion, they also require a bit more attention when it comes to upkeep. Here are some tips to ensure your favorite pieces last for as long as possible.

Washing and Maintenance Tips

Use a gentle cycle, given that turtlenecks, often made of delicate knits, benefit from gentle care. Turn your turtleneck inside out before putting it in the washing machine. Opt for cold water, as hot water might cause color fading and shrinkage.

Avoid wringing water out aggressively post wash. Instead, roll your damp turtleneck in a towel and lightly press to remove excess water. This practice reduces the risks of stretching and misshaping.

Lay your turtleneck flat on a surface to air dry. Hanging it may cause the fabric to stretch due to the weight of the water absorbed.

Finally, opt for professional dry cleaning if your summer turtleneck’s fabric tag suggests it. Garments like silk turtlenecks warrant this approach.

Storage Solutions for Off-Season

Vacuum-pack your turtlenecks for off-season storage. This method saves space and protects pieces from dust and insects.

Store away turtlenecks made of wool or cashmere with cedar balls. The cedar acts as a natural repellent for moths and other insects, ensuring the safety of your garments.

Ensure to store turtlenecks in a dry and dark space. This step prevents any potential moisture or light damage and keeps your fab finds fresh for next summer.

Ultimately, proper care and storage lead to longer-lasting fashion items. With these tips in mind, enjoy your summer turtlenecks, knowing they’re in good hands.


So you’ve seen it all – turtlenecks aren’t just for winter anymore. With the right fabric and styling, they can be a chic addition to your summer wardrobe. Celebrities and top designers have jumped on this trend, showcasing turtlenecks in refreshing, summer-ready looks. You’re encouraged to get creative, drawing inspiration from these trendsetters. Pair your turtleneck with high-waisted shorts or a sheer skirt for a stylish summer outfit. Remember, it’s all about personal style and creativity. And don’t forget, proper care and storage of your summer turtlenecks will ensure they last season after season. So why not give it a try? Turn heads this summer with your fashionable turtleneck outfits.

Styling summer turtlenecks can be inspired by both celebrities and runway trends. Turtlenecks can be a versatile addition to summer wardrobes, offering a chic look when paired with lightweight fabrics and breezy designs. The Summer Lace suggests incorporating vibrant colors or lightweight materials to keep cool while staying stylish. Drawing inspiration from fashion icons and runway styles, summer turtlenecks can be effortlessly integrated into your seasonal outfits, as detailed by Who What Wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are turtlenecks trending in summer?

Turtlenecks are trending in summer due to their evolution in incorporating lighter, breathable fabrics. Enhanced with classic features, they offer a novel and stylish option for summer wear.

Which designer collections showcased summer turtlenecks?

Victoria Beckham’s 2019 Spring/Summer collection notably showcased turtlenecks. Also, designers like Ralph Lauren and Alexander Wang have used turtlenecks in vibrant colors and metallic fabrics in their summer collections.

How have celebrities styled summer turtlenecks?

Celebrities like Emma Watson and Gigi Hadid have styled summer turtlenecks in fresh, inspiring ways. Watson paired a turtleneck with high-waisted shorts, while Hadid was seen wearing one with a sheer skirt.

How can we creatively integrate turtlenecks into summer wardrobes?

Drawing from celebrity styles and runway trends provides ample inspiration to creatively incorporate turtlenecks into summer wardrobes. Personal style and creativity are key in making these fashion choices.

What are the tips on caring for summer turtlenecks?

It’s important to follow the recommended washing instructions, maintain the items appropriately, and store them properly during off-season. Adequate care and storage help ensure longevity for these fashion pieces.