Our Team

Valentina Lund is a celebrated summer enthusiast and expert who has dedicated her career to sharing her love and knowledge of the sunniest season with others. Growing up, Valentina was always fascinated by the vibrant energy and endless possibilities that summer presented. This childhood passion blossomed into a lifelong pursuit as she traveled extensively, embracing diverse summer traditions and customs, and learning how different cultures celebrate and thrive during the warmer months.

With a background in environmental studies and years of hands-on experience, Valentina has become well-versed in all aspects of summer—from the simplest joys of ice cream flavors to the complex behaviors of seasonal weather patterns. Her expertise spans a broad range of summer-related topics including outdoor activities, seasonal safety tips, and creative ways to beat the heat.

Valentina is particularly passionate about offering practical solutions for common summer challenges. Whether it’s advising on the best sun protection practices, suggesting the most refreshing summer recipes, or providing step-by-step guides for beach games that can keep all ages entertained, Valentina’s insights come from a place of deep understanding and genuine enthusiasm for the season.

She also focuses on educational outreach, aiming to enhance people’s understanding of how to enjoy the summer safely and sustainably. Her guidance helps individuals and families not only maximize their summer fun but also take care of their health and the environment during peak summer months.

Valentina’s engaging style and thorough knowledge make her a trusted source for anyone looking to enrich their summer experience. Through her writings and presentations, she continues to inspire a love of summer and a respect for its complexities in others, helping them to embrace all the season has to offer with confidence and creativity.

Email: valentina@likeasummerbreeze.com